Dear Reader,

The PUA community is dying. And therefore, this page will die with it.

The reason why is because men who are getting good at getting women realized that to get good at getting women, they must improve their health, wealth, social skills, and personality.

Just trying to finds skills to trick women into bed or not trying to improve your overall persona is not going to get you laid. You have to think above getting laid to get laid.

Although there are several companies that are fucked up in the head, there are also some that are still phenomenal companies that one should still follow.

One of these is RSD (Real Social Dynamics)

It has personally taken me to when I am now. They focus on personality changes, lifestyle changes, while still giving dating, pick-up tips.

Sure, there are a lot more companies that are good. I'm just mentioning the one of the top of my head that took me to the level where I am now while writing this post.

Keep it pimpin' Playas