My name is Mac Rey.

On my journey to become a master PUA, I have come across a number of good pick-up-artists and self-development gurus...and there's a LOT...some good...some that are straight garbage.

That's why I have created a website for you to relax and enjoy watching the best PUA, attraction, and self-improvement material as you can handle.  Don't bother looking for all the different Pick-Up-Artists in different pages, all you have to do is look into this one! How awesome is that?

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Now you can use that time to actually absorb the knowledge of PUA and attraction you are looking for! And ultimately, become the best man you can possible be to help your friends, family, and the next generation! BROS UNITE!

If you want to help me achieve my dream of becoming a PUA teacher, then donate! If not, that's cool too...I'm a broke motherfucker so I understand!